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First Final Project Thoughts

So here's what I have in my mind in terms of my students' final project:

  • I want them to create a presentation of some sort based on The Daily Show
  • The content of the presentations will be based on places and times we have studied throughout the year (prehistory -> Renaissance in the West, and Ming Dynasty in the East)
  • The final product needs to be completed the week of June 20
Other than that, I'm open to suggestions. I want to keep this as open ended as possible for now, so here are a series of questions to consider for now:
  • How big should groups be? Why?
  • What should the final product be? (A script? A presentation for the class? An actual filmed segment?) Why?
  • Should each episode concentrate on a certain time? A certain place? A certain time at a certain place?
  • On what aspects of the production should students be assessed? Why?
There's lots of other questions I have (including: How can student blogging be incorporated into this assignment?), but we'll leave those for later.