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A Quasi-Hiatus

First off, thanks to all my students who's been leaving messages. It's been great to hear from all of you and I'm glad things seem to be going well.

The first month of grad school has gone really well. I'm pretty much constantly working (I average about 1000 pages of reading and 5 pages of writing a week), but the work is really interesting and I'm learning a ridiculous amount --both fact wise as well as gaining a better understanding of how the society we live in really works.

I haven't been posting (and realistically, will not be posting much for the coming year) for two reasons. First, I just really don't have the time (though this is serving as great procrastination for starting the paper I need to outline before going out tonight). But second, and more importantly, much of the thoughts I'm having now revolve around issues of race and class, two topics that are unfortunately completely politicized in most of the discourse in the United States. Even though I feel the work I do is analytical and grounded in sound academic methodology, I don't want to publish a lot of these thoughts in order to not alienate anyone reading this, or any future students of mine who may read this.

So with that, I am going to take a quasi-hiatus from blogging. I will still post occasionally when I feel I have thoughts or work that are safe to share (one of these will be a paper I am working on in a history research seminar looking at the role of educational philosophy and pedagogy in the foundation of the Citizenship Schools which were an integral part of early civil rights organization). And I'll always check for comments and respond to anything there (and my e-mail is outsidethecave@gmail.com if anyone needs me).