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Now Coming to You From Brooklyn, NY

Well...didn't end up with the time I thought I'd have at while visiting my parents in Ohio - mainly because of their cable companies inability to supply internet service during business hours (which is, of course, when I had some time on my hands). Oh well. So after another reset of my bloglines account (except of course, for some quick reading of edubloggers) I am back up and running.

Made it to the greatest city in the world last night just in time for the most incredible fireworks display I've ever seen in my life over the East River. My fiancee got us tickets to watch from Roosevelt Island where we had a clear view of 4 of the barges. I had seen the NYC fireworks display from the FDR a few years ago, but it was absolutely nothing compared to the view we had last night.

Now as soon as I get through the "Honey-Do" list, I really will be back to reading and writing aspect of blogging.