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Final Project Assignment Update

Ok, so here's the list of what was established:

  • I want them to create a presentation of some sort based on The Daily Show
  • The content of the presentations will be based on places and times we have studied throughout the year (prehistory -> Renaissance in the West, and Ming Dynasty in the East)
  • The final product needs to be completed the week of June 20
Here's what I'm ready to add after reading your responses:
  • Groups will have 5-6 people
  • Each group will have the option of presenting a video or "live" in class (My addition: Groups presenting live will be required to submit a script)
  • Each group will have the option of choosing to concentrate on either a certain time, or a certain place, with teacher approval
  • Each group will be assessed on [at least] Humor/Entertainment Value, Accuracy (and existence) of historical content, Professionalism of presentation (sets, visual aides, costumes, etc). Once we actually get started with putting the projects together, we will discuss and construct a very specific rubric so each group knows what the expectations are.
  • There will be a blogging requirement for each group
And here are some additions based on some further reflection on my part (please feel free to post disagreement!):
  • Individuals will have assigned roles in the group
  • I will make groups

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