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Responsible Blogging

Note: This was originally posted in a slightly different form in May 2005. I am reposting it on the front page to use with a group of students today.

Responsible Blogging Lesson Plan:

At end of the lesson, students will:

  • Recognize the potential dangers of irresponsible blogging
  • Write an "Acceptable Blog Use" policy for our class
  • Be ready to begin the responsible use of blogs in our class.
Reading Materials:
  • Students will read links online
  • Take notes on thoughts (15 minutes)
  • Discussion #1 - What are some of the potential dangers of blogging discussed in these articles? Which of these concerns are legitimate? Why or why not? What other dangers are there in blogging that were not discussed in the articles? (10 minutes)
  • Discussion #2 - (Students will respond as a comment on this post) What type of situations should our class blog policy cover? What are appropriate consequences for breaking the policy? (10 minutes)
  • After the discussion, students will get in groups of 3-4, and come up with a list of 3 rules they feel should be included in our class blog policy. They also will have to come up with consequences (10 minutes)
  • Students put rules on the board (5 minutes)
  • Discussion - What rules are we missing? (This will just be brainstorming...no shooting ideas down). What rules do you disagree with? (Disagreements will be put to a majority vote) - (15 minutes)
  • Follow up: I will type of the policy, and have students sign a copy of it the following class.


TiiNa said...

Some rules that should be followed, no posting pictures of ourself or anyone. Proper Laugange. Think about how you can change something bad into something that will help reads understand your point with out being inappropriate .Appropriate consequences for breaking the policy should be earseing our blog and detention and a conference with our parents about the dangers of what we did.

Robert said...

I believe that the consequences of breaking one of the rules should be that student losing there computer and bloging rights. Also the student gets a failing grade depending the blog they wrote. If it wasnt that serious the student should get a ding and a fair warning.

Janie said...

Some situation our class policy should cover is no photos, no names of any people you may interact with besides yourself and do not have your school address, phone number or home address available for others to view.
What is the apprioprate consequence for breaking the policy?, because if you put your school address or any really personal business out there, there shouldn't be a consequence from school because you already have a consquence. Somebody know about you, somebody could be watching you, and somebody may be a convict, rapist or killer!

martha said...

A consequence for revealing your personal information is ending up with a stocker. Another consequence is getting yuour self introuble with teachers. ect..

Rico said...

The class should cover the things that relate to us. Such things are from the way that we "show" ourselves to the way that we talk about other people. We should also protect ourselves from pedophiles.An appropriate punishment for breaking the rules is loss of computer rights. We should follow the rules or we lose the "gift" that we were given. If there are minor rules broken, we have to have a shortened amount of time of computer use.

Aida said...

I believe everyone's blogs and comments should be respected and we should only blog about our job experiences and not about our personal relationships.

Jerome said...

the class blog rules should talk about personal information. They should talk about the limit of what information we can and can't publish.
An appropiate computer consequence would be less computer time or something like that

aarron said...

-We shouldnt be able to post personal information.
If you post personal your account should be deleted and started over. And plus alot of bad things can happen to you like a stalker or a kidnapper.
-You shouldnt bad mouth some one on your blog
If you bad mouth some one you can get in alot of troblem. Or you can end up losing a friend over he said she said.

rasheedat said...

Our class blog policy should say no inappropiate pictures should be published because it can change the way you look in someones eyes. Especially if that was the type of person we do business with or you look up to. You wouldn't want the way that person looks at you to be corrupted.
I feel that appropiate cosequences should be that the blog should be deleted. You should also have to publicly apologize to the whole internship class because you have violated the rules and might have jeapordized whether or not the rest of your class can have blogs.

Davie said...

Some of the concerns in the articles are that posting blogs are a way where everyone's privacy is invaded. Not just people you know such as friends are able to see it, people all over the world. These lead to people having stalkers and pedophiles on their tail. Other concerns that were not discuss in this issue is that people are able to act as other people for example a friend and rty to harm you. Another thing is that other people do read what you write, so if you have any personal feelings posted up it is made public for everyone to see. So problems will revolve from here if it will lead to alot of trouble. This will bring problems because others may find things offensive and it will lead to you getting into a lot of trouble not just in the internet world but in your reality also.

Beefy say... said...

I belive we should only talk about your day in your job. And also talk about the question teachers ( Such as Steve and Sarah).

By putting pictures and Phone Numbers ( just give it to me ).There also using bad word (you know what I'm talking about).

Jennifer said...

I believe that when posting a blog you must know certain things before you begin writing. Such as proper ways to communicate your thoughts in a appropriate way, and does your blog have any personal information that can put you at risk of stalkers and petophiles. Consequences for breaking this policy should take away important privileges.

Miss Profe said...

An excellent example of progressive learning! Students were asked to be a driving creative force in the development of the policy, and were asked to provide feedback with respect to their findings.

Great Job, Stephen!

Franke said...

Good afternoon Stephen,

I am introducing blogs to my 9th Grade Geography class next Monday and just completed writing the days lesson plan. It is pretty similar to yours (I used two of the same readings - kind of funny) After coming across your post I would be interested in your thoughts on how this lesson went and if you would tweak anything.
My lesson can be found at http:johnfranke.edublogs.org
Thank your very much