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Reflections on Being a Student Blogger

Though this is really obvious, I just realized that I have become a student blogger...and I am really struggling with it. As I think both my previous posts for my independent study have shown, I have essentially just posted brief essays on each book I have read. This does not seem to be taking advantage of what blogging has to offer (other than the fact that I am writing for a public audience). I am curious how others have dealt with blogging about specific content.

I imagine if I was doing the same type of writing as part of a class this would not be much of an issue, as there would be other posts on the same subject on which to respond. However, seeing as I am doing independent work, work on a subject that very few people have ever written on, and I am at a loss to come up with a model of writing that is not simply in the form of an essay or a reading journal.

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