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Great Student Quotes

My students are beginning a project where they take on the identify of a historical figure and create a blog for that person (sometime next week there should be a few different versions of Leonardo Da Vinci's Blog floating around). As a warm up Friday, I asked my students which teacher most reminded them of their historical figure and why. Some of these are too funny and thoughtful not to share:

  • _____ is a person who reminds me of John Locke. John Locke was a philosopher and _____ talks and acts like a philosopher. _____ has a deeper meaning to any question. If you say "Oh, I'm going to get food," _____ would start talking about what that would do to your body in 5 years.
  • The BLS staff member who most reminds me of their person we are doing our project on [Marie Antoinette] is probably _____ just because she's young and pretty.
  • _____ reminds me the most of Issac Newton because he got long hair and he is light skinned.
  • _____ reminds me of Napoleon because he's mean and tries to take over everything.
  • _____ reminds me of Napoleon because he's always changing the rules.
  • _____ because he talks a lot and Galileo sounds like a man who loves to talk about what he does like _____.
  • _____ and Mary [Wollstonecraft] because they both like to voice their opinion and want to be treated as equal.
  • _____ reminds me of him. Issac Newton was a rebel always getting in fights with other people like rivals.
  • The BLS staff member that reminds me of Issac Newton is _____ because _____ and Issac both studied science and they're both brilliant.
  • My person is Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the BLS staff member that reminds me of him is _____. _____ has influenced me in the way that I think and that has helped me quite much. Just as my person has influenced many, _____ have influenced me so much more than anyone I've met.
  • I would say _____ reminds me of John Locke because _____ is trying to change the school into the best high school preparing every student for college with the best teachers. John Locke made a change focusing on equality of human rights.

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