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I finished my first semester of grad school. It went well. Learned a ton, and I feel like I'm beginning to understand the history of this country of ours. While being a grad student certainly has its detractions (it has been hard for me to go from interacting with nearly 100 students on any given day to doing most of my work by myself at a desk or in the library), I feel like it has given me a great opportunity to really develop, grow, and mature as a student and scholar.

This semester my course load is down. I'm doing a seminar on Black Leadership in American Politics, a research seminar, and I an independent study on the representation of white people and whiteness in black literature (much more to come on this soon - it will involve this blog). Most of time will be focused on my thesis on the Civil Rights Citizenship Schools. I was in Charleston, SC two weeks ago doing archival research, which was really an incredible experience that I wish more people, particularly high school students, could have.

I miss being in the classroom, and am eager to return in the fall. I have started looking for high school social studies positions in NYC for the coming Fall, and would be glad to hear of any leads, opportunities, or suggestions.

All in all things are going well. I love living in Brooklyn, and plans for my June wedding are coming along smoothly.

I want to post some of my work from last semester. As I am currently without web hosting, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this free or cheaply? I've been looking at ourmedia.org, but it seems a little cumbersome. I may just do some really cheap web hosting, but I'd rather not have to pay. Hopefully I'll have this figured out in the next couple days, and I'll be able to make my stuff available.

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