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To My Students From Last Year

Just wanted to wish everyone good luck with sophomore year. My sophomore year, for reasons good and bad, was probably the most significant year of my life. It was the year that for me, marked the real turning point between being a kid and a young adult. I wish you all the best on the journey.

If you're going to South County, good luck with being at a new school. I hope things run smoothly for you.

If you're still at Hayfield, you are lucky. You have a lot of really good and committed teachers who want to be at the school to work with you. Let me know in the comments or IM who your World II teacher is. And if you play a sport, make sure to kick a little South County butt for me.

Have fun and keep in touch.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow....i remeber reading this like forever ago. yeah, if you get this, the reason im on here is b/c i was having an argument with a girl about how old u were when u taught me. but seeing as u were alive at the signing of the Declaration of Independance, we were both way off. anyway, good luck in the bronx.

mike serra